Personal Details:

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lb.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Full Name: Richard John Grayson
Codename: Nightwing
Occupation: Bartender/Superhero
Typical Quote: "The good news is that I'm not Batman. The bad news is that we have pretty much the same opinions on gun-running in this town."
Actor: Brandon Lee, were he still alive.


Richard Grayson was born into a life that most kids only dream of: the life of a circus performer. The latest in a line of acrobats so long it could be measured in centuries, Dick almost learned how to do a mid-air somersault before he could walk. Dick had a happy childhood, growing into a very skilled acrobat. Known as "The Flying Graysons", Dick and his family became the most popular attractions of the C.C. Haly & Norton Bros. Circus. It was one year, when Dick was 13 that his world changed forever.

Before a show, Dick heard two men threatening the owner of the circus, Pop Haly. They said that he could use some "insurance" to take care of any "accidents" the might happen. Pop Haly turned the men away, but not before Dick got a good look at their leader

Later that night, Dick and his parents were getting ready to go up on the trapeze, Dick saw the men from before hurriedly leaving the tent, dressed as backstage workers. Dick tried to tell his parents about the men, but their cue was called and they wouldn't listen to him. With a huge crowd watching, his mother leapt out to catch his father's hands as he hung from the trapeze in mid air. As he caught her hand, the rope attached to the bar of the trapeze gave way, having been frayed in such a manner as to support the weight of one person... but not two. And it was there before the crowd that two lives ended... and a young boy was orphaned.

Talking to the police, Dick told them about the man he saw. It turned out the police new about him: he was a criminal who had done extortion before. Dick was able to point his picture out in a book of known criminals. His name was Tony Zucco. It was then that a man in a brown suit came up to the officer in charge, Lt. Gordon, and asked if the boy had a safe place to stay. This was a concern because, with Dick being able to identify Zucco, it was likely Zucco and his men would
come for the boy, making the circus unsafe for him. The man in
brown offered to take the boy in until Zucco was captured and tried. The
man's name, Dick found out, was Bruce Wayne.

Bruce took Dick to his mansion and told his butler Alfred to make sure the boy was taken care of. Life in the mansion didn't prove to be as great as Dick thought it would be at first. Bruce was hardly ever around and Alfred, while making sure he was taken care of, didn't do much to help the poor little boy who had lost his parents and was trapped in a big mansion all alone.

A few days after arriving, Bruce came and apologized for being away all day and night but he had been busy with work. He said he knew what it was like to be a young boy with no parents trapped in a big mansion. He told Dick about his parents and how they had died in front of him too. He promised that he would spend more time with Dick so he wouldn't be so lonely. The two became fast friends over the week, Bruce taking Dick to see his first baseball game.

One night about two weeks later, Lt. Gordon came by the Wayne Mansion. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Dick overheard them talking about Zucco and how the word on the street said he was going to leave town that night. Unable to bear the thought of his parents killer getting away, Dick snuck out in the middle of the night with a photo of Zucco. He wandered the streets of the bad part of town asking where he could find Zucco.

It turned out that Zucco would be the one to find him. An informant tipping him off about the boy looking for him, Zucco was all too pleased to see the little boy who could put him in jail... alone and unprotected, that is. It was then that a mysterious figure in black jumped from the shadows, knocking Dick free of Zucco's grip. Dick watched in amazement as the man fought Zucco and his gang, easily outmaneuvering the thugs. In a brief moment when two of the thugs doubleteamed the man in the costume, Zucco grabbed Dick and tossed him into a river. Once the
thugs were taken care of, the man in black jumped into the water
and saved Dick from drowning.

The man took Dick into his car, where Dick could see that his costume was that of a giant bat. He asked where they were going and the man said "Home." When they finally got out of the car, Robin found himself in a huge cave filled with trophies like a dinosaur, giant playing cards... a laboratory and a giant supercomputer. "This is where you live?" he asked. "This is where I work." the Batman replied. And then Dick heard another, high baritone voice with a British accent.. "Shall I assume that Master Dick will be a permanent guest?" Dick turned around in astonishment to see Alfred. As he stood there gaping, he turned around to see the Batman remove his mask, revealing himself as Bruce Wayne.

Bruce officially adopted Dick a week later, and began training him in all the skills he would need to be a crimefighter. For a year, he taught Dick the finer points of detective work, criminology, computers, stealth as well as the martial arts and weaponry. Once Bruce felt he was ready, he put Dick through the toughest of finals: an all night game of cat and mouse through the streets and rooftops of the city. Dick passed the test and Batman asked Dick what he would call himself. Picking an old nickname his mother had, and thinking he should be another flying creature, Dick decided to call himself "Robin".

The dynamic duo stayed together, but the typical teenagers need to strike out for themselves coupled with the invisible "And" that always seemed to precede his name caused Dick began to reevaluate the partnership. It was time Dick began to venture out on his own. He even became a founding member of the original Titans, which was a make up of some of the more famous sidekicks. Here he was with the younger brethren of super heroes, he felt like he fit in and belong. Though after a brief time the team disbanded and they all went their separate ways.

One night out on patrol, Dick was shot in the middle of a fight. Seeing his adopted son wounded, Bruce gave Dick an ultimatum: no more being Robin... ever. Enraged, he left Batman's side and when he healed he left the mansion. Dick enrolled in college and tried to live a normal life for a while, but after a few months he quit to travel the world. Taking the Robin outfit with him, Dick was dead set on leading his own path.

It was some time later that the Titans came back together, and once again Robin became team leader of his other adopted family. Dick became further estranged from Batman during this time. This combined with other events (including a talk with an "super" friend about a new name) led to Dick taking up a new name: Nightwing. It was with this new name that Dick led the Titans until they broke up. He then continued to travel the world, training and helping where he could.

His journeys eventually brought him back to Batman. The two have come to an understanding of sorts and made their peace. Recently, Dick also stepped into leading the latest incarnation of the Titans.


Dick is a rather serious, studious young man. To most, he may seem quiet and cold but this is far from true. Dick does have a sense of humor, but it is of a subtler rapier nature. Among his close friends, Dick is as open and outgoing as any average young man. Dick is fiercely loving and protective of his friends to the point of thinking of them as family. He will do anything he can to help them if they need him. Dick is very concerned about being his own man: making sure that there is someone underneath the mask besides Robin and that there is some individual distinction from the costume and Batman. And yet, at the same time he has a deep desire to prove himself to be just as good as Batman and to be a worth partner to him, all while trying to break away. It is one of the many conflicts in a young man who has come to be very conflicted.


Dick Grayson has no metahuman powers. He has however reached the epoch of human fitness, having the body of an Olympic athlete and an unsurpassed level of agility (which might be attributed to coming from a long line of acrobats and having trained in gymnastics since he could walk).


Acrobatics- Dick has been trained to be an acrobat almost literally since the day he was born, reaching levels of acrobatic expertise that rival even that of Batman. He has reached such a level of skill that he could quite easily win a UIL state tournament in any gymnastic event. He could quite probably medal in any Olympic event requiring a high level of agility.
Stealth- Batman has trained Dick in the art of moving quietly and using shadows to stay hidden. Dick is a little better at this than Batman, simply because he is about half a foot shorter but he falls short of the stealth skills of a master thief like Catwoman. Tactician- A skill taught by Batman and increased by experience, Dick has become a master tactician capable of assessing enemies in the heat of battle and finding a way to fight them with as little damage as possible.

Computers- While not being nearly as skilled as Oracle with a
computer, Dick is far from computer illiterate.
Oracle has taught him how to use all of the special programs she's created for herself and can use most computers for ordinary everyday functions such as word processing, research and playing games. Dick is pretty good at the last part, having a fondness for puzzle/strategy games.
Leadership- Tying in with his leadership skills, Dick has also learned how to best get people to work together as a team in high stress situations. While Dick refuses to think about how good a leader he is, Superman once said that he thought Dick was the best leader he knew.
Martial Arts/Weaponry- Specializing in Akidio, but having mastered several other disciplines, Dick may well be one of the top 20 best martial artists in the world. He's also familiar in the use of martial arts weaponry including staves, nunchucks and his personal favorite , Escrima Fighting sticks two small staffs
about one foot long). He's also an expert in throwing weapons,
such as bola and batarangs.
Criminology- Dick is familiar with the basic ideas of criminology after having been trained by Batman. He is familiar with how to search a crime scene, dust for fingerprints and so forth.
Detective- Trained by Batman, Dick is secondly only to Batman himself in his ability to put two and two together based on what he sees before him.
Science- Dick has knowledge of chemistry and physics about par with an undergraduate in each subject. At least, he has enough skill to do toxicology & chemical residue tests, among others.
Driving- Dick has the skill to drive a motorcycle and a car (automatic or stick) like a professional stunt man.


Secret Identity- Dick must keep his identity as a superhero hidden at all costs. Not only for the sake of his own life but for the sake of those he loves.
Mortal- Not really a flaw, but more of a reality. Dick is an ordinary guy in a mask in a world full of men who can lift tanks, run around the world 90 times in a sneeze and have bullets bounce off them no problem. Dick cannot do that. All it will take is one carefully placed bullet and *BLAM*... end of Nightwing.
Self Doubt- While undoubtedly one of the best at what he does, Dick does worry that in a world of flying men and women, he really isn't having much effect. He also worries about being nothing more than "Batman's sidekick" for the rest of his life.
Justice for All- Dick is a very deep believer in the idea of justice for all. He will do anything to defend that ideal, no matter how bad the odds against him may be.
Friends- Dick is fiercely loyal to his friends and will do anything he can to help them, even if it puts him in grave danger.
Shadow Of The Bat- After having lead the Titans for several years and having proven himself to be very capable on his own, Dick is still somewhat obsessed with his image and being his own man. This may cause him to avoid asking his mentor (or others) for help when he needs it.


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